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Dr. Tumiel has been my doctor for years, I trust this physician and know he will treat me and his patients with the highest level of care.  

- Susan, Panama City

I am very pleased with Dr. Tumiel, the staff, ease of apt and promptness. I tried the doctors at another well known center in Panama City, before being referred to Dr. Tumiel. Needless to say after seeing a NP upon my first visit at the previous establishment, instead of the Dr that I was scheduled to see because they were running so far behind, then I was scheduled for a colonoscopy and literally walked out of pre-op after lying there for 3+ hrs. Glad I found Dr. Tumiel!
                               - Karen, Panama City

Dr. Maciej Tumiel

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At Panama City Gastroenterology we take a patient driven approach to providing care.  If you value easily accessible medical care, customer service and affordability you will find a comfortable home with our team. 

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